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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Platinum Award Winning

Animax just won a Platinum MarCom Award for Web Video for our work on Slotcar. The awards recognize achievements in creative excellence in marketing and communications programs. Slotcar is the branded entertainment video series we developed and produced for CKE's Hardee's and Carl's Jr. The award-winning series garnered over 2 million views during it's run.


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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Psychedelic Girls

The Rainbow Brite dolls are coming and with them a bunch of games and a new animated video that Animax produced for Hallmark and Playmates Toys. The fun stuff features Rainbow Brite and all her friends trying to retrieve all the colors of the rainbow.

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One Billion Dollars

The virtual goods market is a one billion dollar market and is growing quickly. You see them in social networks, virtual worlds, online games, mobile apps, etc. We're leveraging them for clients and prepping Fun Nugget to take advantage of them as well. Animax Entertainment's Tucker Aaron was quoted in AOL's Money and Finance blog WalletPop about the growth of virtual goods. This week the Virtual Goods Summit is going on in San Francisco. We weren't able to make it to that conference because we're busy participating in Unite, the Unity 3D Developers conference also going on in San Francisco. Let us know if you'd like to meet up.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Animax is Top Banana

Animax Entertainment just got another nice honor. The San Fernando Valley Business Journal just informed us we made their Top 50 list of fastest growing private companies in the region. They tracked our performance from 2005-2008. We won't know our ranking on the list until the November 18th reception, but even being in the top 50 is great news!

This comes on the heels of just having been profiled in the SFVBJ and on Animax being added to the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in America.

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LA Times Profiles Dave Thomas

The Los Angeles Times Sunday edition included a fun profile of Dave Thomas. Dave talked about comedy, Ashton Kutcher, celebrities, Popzilla, SCTV and Animax.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Astro Boy Screening

The Producer's Guild of America New Media Council launches the first screening in it's new Saturday Morning Cartoon Series. The screening features Astro Boy and there will be an interview with the producers of the film conducted by Animax's Michael Bellavia. Bring the kids if you're a member.

Saturday Mornings 2.0
The NMC Saturday Morning Cartoon series is devoted to showcasing entertainment the entire PGA family can come together to enjoy in a fun, family-friendly, social experience. PGA members are invited to bring along kids of all ages to this screening series that will highlight new film, TV and other digital media produced by members of the PGA. Working with producers and studios of the content screened in the series, the NMC hopes to be able to make the mornings interactive, giving the audience a behind-the-scenes look at how the stories came to life, who was involved and how the word is getting out about the production – with the occasional visit from a caped crusader. By fostering this sense of discovery and enabling a true PGA community spirit, the Saturday Morning Cartoon series’ aim is that little kids and big kids at heart are entertained and see how producers enabled that experience.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Play Free Halloween Games

It's October and Halloween is upon us so Animax's Fun Nugget celebrates the holiday by adding a bunch of new free games and videos to the site. Have fun and find your favorite trick or treat!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Artful Bob & Doug

Bob & Doug McKenzie have lived in multiple media formats - from SCTV to Strange Brew to commercials to Animax's very own Bob & Doug TV series. Now the two patron saints of Canada have entered into the world of fine art. Check out these Great White North inspired dioramas that portend doom for the McKenzie Brothers at the hands of hungry wolves in artwork created by Diana Thorneycroft.


The Man Show

Animax Entertainment's Dave Thomas is featured in Adam Carolla's latest podcast from JackFM here in Los Angeles. The subjects ranged from Godspell to Palm Springs to falling asleep on Letterman (which could be risky nowadays) to an update on Popzilla.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Digital Hollywood & Media Convergence

Animax Entertainment's Michael Bellavia will be speaking at two conferences next week about the nexus of digital and entertainment.

On Tuesday he will be speaking in New York at The Economist's Media Convergence Forum. The conference theme is "The Moment of Truth: Consumers, Technology and Commerce" and the specific panel we are participating on is How the kids are doing it: Trendsetting. We'll be covering trends in media and technology specifically with respect to kids and youth and in particular Animax's work with kids brands and toy companies.

On Thursday he will be on a Digital Hollywood panel in Los Angeles entitled Strategizing the Campaign: Selling Movies, TV and Video on the Web, Social Media, Mobile and TV. We'll be talking about our experience with Popzilla and some of the work we've done for our entertainment clients.

If you're on either coast, ping us to meet up.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Game On!

Kidscreen Magazine was in the sporting mood and included Animax Entertainment's Tim Jones in an article about how entertainment is leveraging interest in professional sports to reach tween and teen boys. The article talks about our work on Slotcar - a bit edgy for the younger end of the spectrum - and some of the other sports entertainment content we have in the works.

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Peak of the Valley

Animax Entertainment was profiled by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. The article gives a brief history on the company, covers Popzilla and talks about some of the other projects we're working on. It's also nice to have some kind words in there from our favorite client: Starlight Children's Foundation. Read the full article here.


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Examiner on Animax had a total love fest with Animax Entertainment and covered us, Popzilla and FunNugget. Read the article here.

Since we're in the media space, it's interesting to note that is basically at the forefront of a new breed of citizen journalism. Now that newspapers have veered towards irrelevance and information becomes free (despite Rupert Murdoch's intentions) there will likely be a new landscape of's launching in the next few years.

Hopefully they'll all cover Animax.


Rainbow Brite Launches

Rainbow Brite gets a fantastic new makeover from Hallmark. First introduced 25 years ago, Rainbow Brite and her friends are ready to meet and entertain a whole new generation of girls. A new site launched with games and a new animated video featuring her updated look. Animax Entertainment created the animated video, "Return to Rainbow Land," for Hallmark.

And stay tuned because a big, new game called "Rainbow Rescue" is set to launch this Fall. It will bundled with the upcoming Rainbow Brite doll! Rainbow Rescue is a fun meta-game with a bunch of colorful mini-games where you help Rainbow Brite and her friends solve puzzles to find all the colors of the rainbow.

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RPattz Has Weird Junk

Yes, Popzilla went after the ultimate bloodsucker himself, star of Twilight and New Moon, Robert Pattison. We're sorry about the junk, RPattz.

Also, stay tuned Popzilla fans. Looks like MTV is switching up the air time - looks like it's going to be on at 11pm.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Kids Saving Energy

The Advertising Council and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today launched a series of new public service advertisements (PSAs) designed to educate tweens ages 8-10 about the importance of energy efficiency. Animax Entertainment created the site and game driving the experience. Read the press release here.Link

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Duck Clown Fern

One of the Popzilla clips has gotten picked up in a big way on techy Mashable. It features Ashton Kutcher's new Twitter killer called Duck Clown Fern.

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